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What we do?

We are a Hydro-chemical consulting and science research services

Lab Bench Experiments

We carry out experiments to reproduce seamlessly chemical unit operations

Chemical Process Modeling

We use both chemical process and plant simulation softwares

We are a chemical engineering science consulting company that focuses on providing our clients custom solutions for their industry issues, especially to mining industries . We help our clients to solve everyday problems in order to improve their production processes with our experience and innovation strategies

Our knowledge

  • K and Li derivatives industry
  • Brines
  • Inorganic salts
  • Polymers
  • Rheology
  • Process modeling
  • Machine learning
  • Data Science

Our Expertise

Our main area of expertise can be explained in three main concepts detailed below.

Rheometric analysis, compressive strength test of soils, loop test viscosity for hydraulic assays,
lab-scale section of an evaporation pool are some of the different type of analysis that are usually performed in our lab.


Our Working Process

We are the team of experts and specialist for particular braches falls into research and diagnosis, ready to serve you at their best.

Check & Collect Data
For the accurate diagnoses, perfect information is must required
Research and testing
Experiments, modeling and testing are carried out
Our Report
Bring you the report of our results

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Sciro Labs LLC was founded with two PhD who were trained in material and data science at Universidad de Chile and subsequently in Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Both have focused their careers on participating in the formation of various ventures related to science and technology.

With their experience in research and several chemical business, they provide with Sciro Labs LLC special attention to each client to bring custom solutions to the real iceberg inside their problem processes.

Founder and Director R&D, Chemistry PhD

Lorena Carrasco


Lorena holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from University of Chile and a PhD in Chemistry from Pontifical Catholic University of Chile join to the University of the Basque Country, Spain (year 2011).

She co-founded several ventures related with cosmetics and pesticide detection. Both companies had to be closed due to different faced obstacles. She also work as patent examiner at the National Institute for the Intellectual Property (INAPI).

  In 2014, she co-founded Sciro Labs (formerly known as Riesco Lab) where the chemical consulting was the focus. 

Since then, Lorena converted Riesco Lab from a theoretical consulting company into a R&D lab testing company while maintaining a 3-children household.

Founder and CEO, Chemical Engineering PhD

Felipe Vargas


Felipe holds a bachelor’s degree in Biotech Engineering from University of Chile (first of his class). He also holds a Master Sc. Eng. and a Ph.D. in Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering from Pontifical Catholic University of Chile join to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, through a Fulbright scholarship (year 2011).

Felipe is an entrepreneur and technologist who co-founded several ventures related with chemistry, technology and data science. 

In 2014, he co-founded Sciro Labs (formerly known as Riesco Lab) blending chemistry and data analyses. Today, Felipe is taking the lead for new chemical challenges driven by machine learning and data modeling techniques.


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